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The pictures in this website of the Dutch photographer Kees Breedijk are a reflection of his personal view on everyday life and people in different places.Using his camera to picture the images which are telling a story about the details of our life and the world we live in. His work can be seen in the tradition of reporting photography of which the famous Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken was a fine example.

Kees is not using a studio set-up to shoot his portraits of people, but finds the adequate time and place in which he pictures his models, his daughter Liselotte and many of his friends, or just anonymus people in a city or elsewhere to achieve a real time impact

Many of his pictures are made in Holland, of course, but also in Palma de Mallorca and the Balearic Islands where he lives a part of the year. His passion for the sea, the boats and the stunning nature around us are also reflected in his work as you will see when you travel through the albums of this very personal website.

If you want to get in contact with Kees about his pictures, you can send an email
or call on the mobile phone in Spain on tel nr.: 0034 670 290 248.

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